I was reading your book Arrival Survival Canada and it was simply amazing guide and neatly documented. I was impressed with the live examples you shared in each section of a successful immigrant making their way through in Canada. I should be recommending and handing over this book at the airport to all my new friends who plan to come to Canada. Great job!!! — Jiju Philip Thomas

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to look at this. Both the author and the subject matter caught my eye. The potential for use is great, particularly if linked to websites prospective immigrants can access. It could be sold in text form and in online form. Congratulations! Nick Noorani and his wife are the perfect individuals to author this kind of book. It is particularly welcome coming from the voice of a newcomer. In that way, the book is unique. Even though the material has been covered comprehensively elsewhere, it has not been done in this fashion. — Cheryl Howrigan

It contains practical, down-to-earth required information for newcomers in a logical order. Explains clearly the Canadian system. Seems very genuine. — Dan Danforth

I like this book because it covers topics that are very relevant to newcomers to Canada .I wish I had this book when I came to Canada. It satisfies lack of information newcomers experience when coming to Canada. It contains personal stories of successful immigrants in Canada, which many new immigrants to Canada will find inspirational. The book is very informative and will be an excellent resource for new immigrants to Canada. I hope I had it when I came to Canada. I would have avoided many frustrating moments. — Getachew Woldeyesus

I like Arrival Survival very much and will definitely use it with my higher-level students. Its strength is that it is intended specifically for newcomers to Canada, and gives accurate, useful information in a readable fashion. I also love the personal story paragraphs (e.g. of Daniel Igali, Hedy Fry, etc). Additionally, the section on scams is excellent and thorough. — Jill Buckham