Naeem “Nick” & Sabrina Noorani

Immigrating to Canada? — don’t do it without Arrival Survival Canada!

This 328-page bestseller will save you time and money by giving you information no governmental agency or website really can. Arrival Survival Canada deals with the maze of immediate concerns facing immigrants moving to Canada. It will help you not only survive, but get on your feet quickly. Immigrating to Canada is a huge decision, so be prepared with this book!

Arrival Survival Canada will help you prioritize the many first steps you will need to take, including:

  • steps before you leave your homeland
  • finding a place to live
  • obtaining medical insurance
  • applying for a Social Insurance Number
  • getting your Canadian driver’s licence
  • enrolling your kids in school
  • and much more

After those basics are dealt with, you will still face a myriad of questions:

  • how to find a job
  • how to obtain ESL training
  • how to get a loan and credit cards
  • how to buy a house
  • how to get temporary government assistance, if necessary

While information on the above is all available out there already in various government brochures and on hundreds of websites, it is time-consuming and, for many, even impossible to find that information when it is needed. Authors Nick and Sabrina know how hard it is, because they spent many, many hours trying to find these answers for themselves after immigrating.

Most of the situations explained in Arrival Survival Canada have, in fact, evolved from the real-life experiences faced by Nick and Sabrina. What they have done is package all the answers in one compact resource, which also includes real-life experiences of other immigrants and lists of important telephone numbers, websites and email addresses.

What Arrival Survival Canada will do for you:

  • Provides you with the detailed information you need to be successful in their first year in Canada.
  • Connects you with newcomers through stories about immigrants’ authentic experiences and successes.
  • Engages you with dynamic maps, graphs, and tables that help you relate to and understand the text.
  • Incorporates frequently asked questions for quick reference.
  • Helps you learn fun, interesting facts about Canada with the “Did you know?” feature boxes.
  • Encourages you to be active readers and personalize the universal information in the book to your specific needs with the “Creating Your Canadian Experience” feature at the end of each unit

Includes a glossary of key terms to explain new, unfamiliar, and specifically Canadian words.